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What Are the Best Summertime Coffee Drinks?

Drinks to Try During the Summer Season

Sprawling menus, long lines, and busy baristas can all feel overwhelming to newcomers to a café. But, especially during the warm summer months, cafés can get busy, so having a few go-to options can be helpful.

For those eager to stop by a favorite coffee shop during the summer, there are plenty of popular options. Whether a person is a traditional coffee lover or prefers their drinks paired with unique flavors, the Dilettante Mocha Café can satisfy this summer.

Cold Brew Coffee

The newest drink to the Mocha Café, cold brew coffee, is the perfect drink to enjoy on a warm day. Instead of roasting coffee beans, cold brew coffee is made by steeping roasted coffee beans in water overnight. This gives cold brew coffee a less acidic taste, offering a smooth and full-bodied flavor.

People may feel more tired than usual during the summertime due to the increased heat. This is because the body needs to fight off the adverse effects caused by UV light and regulate its body temperature, leading to a sluggish feeling during the day.

Cold-brewed coffee can help with its caffeine and wealth of antioxidants to keep a person’s body feeling strong. A cup of cold brew may be all a person needs during a scorching day.

Glass of Cold Brew Coffee
Glass of Cold Brew Coffee

Caramel Latte

Steamed milk, caramel syrup, and roasted coffee combine to make a delicious iced coffee flavor. Caramel lattes are loved by almost everyone and offer a sweet and satisfying flavor profile. These lattes can be enjoyed iced and topped with whipped cream for the perfect summertime treat.

The Dilettante Mocha Café also serves a Caramel Latte Frappe for an even more decadent flavor. The Greek-inspired drink features blended ice, giving it a distinct foamy flavor. This drink is a perfect way to stay cool while satisfying a sweet tooth.

Iced Ephemere Mocha Frappe

Another blended ice drink, Dilettante’s Iced Ephemere Mocha Frappe, features its signature chocolate flavor. Derived from the word ephemeral, Ephemere has an other-worldly velvety smooth taste.

Ephemere features strong tones of lightly browned butter, caramelized cream, and a hint of vanilla. This proprietary flavor has remained the crown jewel of Dilettante since first opening its doors in 1976. For an unforgettable chocolate flavor this summer, try Dilettante’s Iced Ephemere Mocha Frappe.

Iced Black Tea

Finally, the best thing to enjoy at a coffee shop during the summertime may not be coffee. Iced tea can hydrate a person better than a coffee can, offers a similar number of antioxidants, and is low in calories. Iced black tea is the perfect choice to feel refreshed during a hot day.

Enjoy all of these drinks and more at the Dilettante Mocha Café. There may be many drinks to choose from, but Dilettante’s talented baristas can help a person find something they genuinely enjoy. Visit any of the Seattle-area Mocha Cafés and enjoy the start of the summer season.

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