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How Dilettante Crafts Its Truffles by Hand

While Much has changed over Dilettante's 46-year history, the method of making its chocolate truffles has remained the same. To provide the best chocolate flavor possible, Dilettante's chocolatiers go through the meticulous process of crafting truffles by hand using all-natural ingredients.

Crafting chocolates by hand may take time, but it is the only way to ensure each chocolate piece receives the attention necessary to reach perfection. Each bite of Dilettante's truffles is meant to be unique, elevating a simple chocolate dessert to an unforgettable experience.

Each chocolate truffle begins with a ganache center. These centers are flavored using all-natural ingredients such as vanilla, raspberries, and liqueurs. Next, chocolatiers roll these ganache centers up into balls or squares to shape each truffle's look.

After the ganache is fully formed, each one is dipped in couverture chocolate. Dilettante's white, milk, and dark chocolate blends create an outer shell around the truffle, containing the soft ganache interior.

Finally, chocolate truffles are embellished with nuts, raspberry powder, or additional chocolate. Even intricate designs, like the topping of the champagne truffle, are done by hand by Dilettante's chocolatiers.

Dilettante's Chocolate Truffles

Dilettante's Chocolate Truffles

While other chocolate companies may cut corners with oils, artificial ingredients, and compound chocolate, Dilettante maintains its commitment to quality. Alongside a more pure and natural chocolate taste, making truffles also helps maintain chocolate's nutritional value. Servings of dark chocolate can provide antioxidants and fiber, which are essential for any diet.

Those curious about Dilettante's handcrafted truffles can experience them at any Mocha Café location. Choose to create a custom 6- or 15-piece assortment or try any of Dilettante's truffle flavors at the counter of each café. Made by hand with all-natural ingredients, each truffle is made to be a gourmet treat.

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