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Enjoy Brand New Confections at the Mocha Café

Explore New Flavors at the Mocha Café

Experience and knowledge from three generations of chocolatiers have made what the Dilettante Mocha Café is today. Using heirloom recipes and all-natural ingredients, Dilettante’s name is synonymous with quality pastries, coffee, and chocolates. The café team is excited to share their decadent craftsmanship in the upcoming weeks.

Coming soon to the Dilettante Mocha Café is a new three-piece truffle assortment, six-piece dark and milk chocolate caramels, and Rheingold Toffee in white chocolate. Stop by a favorite Mocha Cafe location and enjoy the new flavors.

Three Piece Truffle Assortment

Packaged in a convenient three-piece box, Dilettante’s newest assortment features popular truffle flavors. Inside are a milk chocolate champagne truffle, a dark chocolate raspberry truffle, and Dilettante’s signature Dark Ephemere truffle.

Ephemere is derived from the word ephemeral, meaning a brief and fleeting experience. This name perfectly describes its velvety flavor profile, so light and luscious it tastes as if it could dissolve into thin air. While much has changed in Dilettante’s 45-year history, Ephemere remained as Dilettante’s signature flavor.

These truffles are made using non-GMO milk and dark chocolate and paired with all-natural ingredients. In each bite, taste a pure and wholesome chocolate flavor from Dilettante’s three-piece truffle assortment.

Three Piece Chocolate Truffle Flavors
Three-Piece Chocolate Truffle Flavors

Six Piece Dark & Milk Chocolate Caramels

Enjoy three milk and dark salted caramels in Dilettante’s newest six-piece gift box. Each piece features cypress sea salt in each chewy caramel center and on top of its elegant chocolate shell. Those looking for a classic caramel taste can find it at the Mocha Café.

Talented chocolatiers work to carefully craft each caramel piece by hand-dipping them in milk and dark chocolate. The time and attention given to these chocolates result in an excellent taste and appearance without cracks or blemishes.

Milk and Dark Chocolate Caramels
Dilettante's Milk and Dark Chocolate Caramels

White Chocolate Rheingold Flavor

Since its introduction in 1981, Rheingold Toffee has traditionally been dipped in dark or milk chocolate blends. The English-styled toffee pieces feature a higher percentage of butter, deliciously compatible with rich chocolate tastes.

Those looking for the sweetest toffee flavor possible will be delighted after one taste of Dilettante’s White Chocolate Rheingold Toffee. Dilettante introduced a new white chocolate coating to this delicious flavor using the same recipe for its toffee interior. This irresistible taste is perfected with a generous crushed pecan and almond topping.

Explore More Flavors at the Dilettante Mocha Café

Visit the Dilettante Mocha Café and enjoy these flavors and more. To find the perfect chocolate assortment for anniversaries, holidays, or special occasions, visit any of Dilettante’s Mocha Café locations this summer and find the ideal treat or gift.

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