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New Cold Brew Coffee at the Mocha Café

Cold Brew Coffee Now Available

Next week on June 21st, the breezy spring season will end, and the summer season will officially begin. The Dilettante Mocha Café has prepared several new menu items to enjoy to transition into the new season. Until the end of summer, cool off with cold brew coffee made from Dilettante’s Hapsburg Bean Blend.

What is a Cold Brew?

Cold brew coffee is a type of iced coffee that is made without heating the espresso beans at all. When hot coffee is poured over ice, the coffee can taste watered-down. Cold brew coffee escapes this problem by letting the coffee steep in water for many hours before preparing.

Because the coffee is never roasted, the coffee oils are never released from the beans. As a result, cold brew coffee is slightly less caffeinated than its hot counterpart. Café visitors won’t need to worry, however. Dilettante adjusted its cold brew recipe to ensure each cup of cold brew provides the same amount of energy as any other coffee drink.

Over the last several years, cold brew coffee has made itself known as the preferred choice for coffee drinkers in the summertime. Cold brewing offers a full-bodied and smooth coffee taste, with more caffeine than traditional iced coffee.

Experience New Flavors at the Mocha Café

Apart from delicious cold-brewed coffee, guests have the chance to try Dilettante’s lunch and breakfast items alongside summertime pastries and chocolates. No matter the time, guests can look forward to finding something they’ll love at the Mocha Café.

In Washington State, it’s a good idea for locals to enjoy the sun for the few months they can. The Dilettante cafes in Bellevue offer beautiful scenic views, while the Kent café provides a comfortable air-conditioned environment and a fireplace to enjoy during the summer nights. View the Mocha Café locations below and try Dilettante’s new cold brew coffee.

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