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Dilettante's Nine Delicious Cakes

Dilettante Chocolates is proud to serve a variety of confections from each mocha café. Visitors view pastry cases brimming with delicious golden baked goods. These mocha cafes have many treats to enjoy. However, none are more delicious than Dilettante's specialty cakes.

These cakes are baked fresh in-house and come in a 10-inch size. These cakes make a perfect addition to any special gathering. Choose any flavor, and write a custom message for a personal touch.

Dilettante Chocolates commits to quality with each of its specialty cakes. Each decadent cake receives inspiration from a long line of pastry and chocolate-making. This knowledge was passed down through master recipe notebooks and is now used to create Dilettante's nine cakes.

These cakes are available to be custom ordered or eaten by the slice at Dilettante's Mocha Cafés. Below are each of the cakes from Dilettante. Find a favorite and keep an eye out for each unique flavor.

Rigo Jancsi

Rigo Jancsi

A classic Hungarian torte, Rigo Jancsi cake is created with high-quality chocolate and decorative embellishments. This cake features a decadent chocolate flavor from a whipped chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, and chocolate génoise.

The recipe includes raspberry preserves to pair with the chocolate and give the cake a fruity twist. The complex chocolate flavor of the Rigo Jancsi matches its elegant appearance.

10 inch, $68

Salted Caramel Gateau

Salted Caramel Gateau Cake

This cake resembles chocolate poured over a circular caramel. Dilettante's Salted Caramel Gateau features dark chocolate cake and salted caramel mousse for a delicious juxtaposition between sweet and salty flavors.

The cake is finished with ganache, chocolate cookie crumble, and dark chocolate shavings around the top. The finished product is an irresistible treat for any dark chocolate or caramel lover.

10 inch, $68

Ephemere Truffle Torte

Ephemere Truffle Torte

This Austrian gateau-style torte features Dilettante's signature chocolate flavor, Ephemere. Ephemere is a proprietary flavor created by Dilettante's founder to combine caramelized butter and cream to create a distinctive dark chocolate taste.

Whipped Ephemere ganache pairs with raspberry preserves, espresso, and almond extract to make a balanced, complex flavor. In every bite, the Ephemere Truffle Torte presents a taste distinct to Dilettante.

10 inch, $65

Mocha Praline

Mocha Praline Cake

Dilettante's Mocha Praline cake brings sweet, bitter, and savory flavor notes together. Pecan crust, whipped chocolate ganache, and espresso Chantilly are the main ingredients in this cake and are responsible for the mocha praline's subtle and rich taste.

10 inch, $68

Midnight Cream Mousse

Surrounded by a layer of chocolate cookie crust, the Midnight Cream Mousse is a classic combination of chocolate and vanilla. The dark chocolate mousse and vanilla whipped cream make this cake exceptionally moist and soft.

Around the top of the cake are puffs of vanilla whipped cream and solid chocolate pieces. The Midnight Cream Mousse is a cake that everyone can love during any special occasion.

10 inch, $65

Chocolate Rendezvous

Chocolate Rendezvous Cake

The Chocolate Rendezvous Cake is perfect for anyone craving milk chocolate. This cake holds sixteen white and milk chocolate sticks, one for each slice. Made with semisweet chocolate and whipped chocolate ganache, this cake delivers a sweet and satisfying flavor.

10 inch, $68

German Chocolate Cake

Dilettante Chocolates German Chocolate Cake

The flavor of traditional German Chocolate Cake is as memorable as it is delicious. Candied pecans, coconut, and custard cream filling come together for a sophisticated and subdued chocolate taste. The dark chocolate génoise and chocolate buttercream enhance the flavor of this iconic cake. 

10 inch, $90


Dilettante Chocolates Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a unique desert loved by many. Dilettante uses Myer's Dark Rum, Mascarpone cheese, and marsala zabaglione to pay homage to the Italian roots of this dessert.

This cake is made on large sheets. Those curious to try Dilettante's Tiramisu can choose between a quarter or a half sheet of cake.

1/4 sheet, $80 | 1/2 sheet, $150

Carrot Cake

Dilettante Chocolates Carrot Cake

The spiced interior of Dilettante's carrot cake pairs perfectly with its cream cheese frosting. The carrot cake is finished with a chocolate piece and several streaks of orange frosting. Like the tiramisu, this cake is made on sheets. Enjoy one quarter or one half of a carrot cake sheet.

1/4 sheet, $80 | 1/2 sheet, $150

Each of these cakes are baked fresh at the Dilettante Bakery in Tukwila. Remember to place cake orders 48 hours in advance and enjoy one of Dilettante's specialties. To send an inquiry, visit a Mocha Café page and contact us.

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