Dilettante Chocolates Mocha Cafe Cup Beside a Plate of Dilettante Truffles, Espresso Beans, and Cane Sugar.
Dilettante Chocolates Mocha Cafe Banner featuring Dilettante's Chocolate Truffles and Coffee

The Dilettante Mocha Café Experience

Dilettante Chocolates Chocolate Scale Featuring Four Different Chocolate Blends to Include in Mocha or Hot Chocolate Drinks

The Dilettante Chocolate Scale

At the heart of the Mocha Café is the Dilettante Chocolate Scale. Choose from four different cacao percentages to customize a mocha or hot chocolate. From bittersweet chocolate at 72% cacao, to smooth and creamy white chocolate at 31% cacao, there is a chocolate profile for every palate. These chocolate blends are melted in pots behind the counter to enrich each chocolate beverage.

Specialty Coffee Blends

Dilettante’s Hapsburg Viennese Medium Dark Roast Coffee is made to complement chocolate. These blends of coffee are the same beans used in each of Dilettante’s Mocha Cafes. Dilettante founder Dana Davenport named this blend after his Great Uncle Julius’ most famous patron, the last great Hapsburg emperor, Franz Joseph I.

Dilettante Chocolates Hapsburgs House Blend Coffee, Viennese Medium Roast Espresso Blend laying in a pile of coffee beans
Dilettante Chocolates Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Shavings, and Fudge-Like Chocolate Cake

Patisseries, Chocolates & Fresh Meals

French patisseries, specialty cakes, and decadent desserts are all made fresh for the Mocha Cafés. Dilettante’s talented pastry chefs hand craft each to pair with any espresso beverage.

Dilettante Chocolates also presents a variety of boxed chocolates and gourmet gifts. Visit before any holiday or special occasion and share Dilettante's handcrafted chocolates with loved ones.

Additionally, select cafés serve breakfast and lunch, made fresh in our onsite kitchens. At these locations, enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your meal. Join us for happy hour at select locations for food and drink specials.

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Visit Dilettante Mocha Cafés

Custom mochas and hot chocolate, handcrafted espresso beverages, and blended frappes pair perfectly with decadent cakes, desserts, and pastries. Dilettante celebrates its chocolate recipes in each of its Seattle-area Mocha Café locations. Visit and choose from four different blends of Dilettante's premium chocolate to create a personal mocha or hot chocolate experience.

Dilettante Chocolates Espresso and Mocha Café at Kent Station
Dilettante Chocolates Mocha Café Cold and Hot Drinks on a Sunny Day

Order Online

Have a favorite coffee, hot chocolate, or pastry ready to be picked up at any café location. Order online to enjoy a favorite treat after arriving at the Dilettante Mocha Café.