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Previewing Plaza Center's Café Menu

Enjoy Breakfast & Lunch at Plaza Center

For months, people have wondered about Dilettante’s newest Plaza Center location. The transparent windows of the café have since attracted the attention of the occasional passerby in Bellevue. Inside, the café has added wall decorations, tables, chairs, menu boards, and more. The Plaza Center will open soon, and visitors can expect big things.

The Plaza Center Mocha Café is the second café to come to the Bellevue area. Many are already familiar with the Mocha Café in the Bellefield Office Park. Located beside the waterscape of mercer slough, this café is known for its beautiful scenery, spacious dining area, and food selection.

Bellefield was the first Mocha Café to introduce breakfast and lunch items to its menu, but it won’t be the last. Plaza center is adopting Bellefield’s menu and plans to serve breakfast, salad, soup, sandwiches, and afternoon plates.


Enjoy a hearty breakfast from Dilettante's Plaza Center Mocha Café

Breakfast at the Plaza Center will be served all day. Visitors can start their morning or end their day with breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, or entire breakfast platters. These are perfect options for people looking to enjoy a meal before starting their workday in downtown Bellevue.

These breakfast foods are rich in key nutrients to stay healthy, focused and awake. These items are great to pair with any coffee or mocha drink.


Enjoy soup in a cup or bowl at Dilettante's Cafés in Bellevue

The Plaza Center’s Menu opens up after 10:30 a.m. During this time, the café begins to serve its selection of soup, salad, and sandwiches for lunch. Dilettante’s soup can be enjoyed either in a cup or bowl, and the flavor changes each day:

  • Lemon Chicken Soup is served Monday
  • French Onion Soup is served Tuesday
  • Tomato Basil Soup is served Wednesday
  • Coconut Curry Chicken Soup is served Thursday
  • Seafood Chowder Soup is served Friday


Crisp salad from Dilettante Mocha Cafés

Alongside soup, Dilettante also features a wide selection of salads to enjoy. Ahi Tuna Niçoise, Lyonnaise, and Tomato & Mozzarella are all found on Dilettante’s salad menu and provide diverse tastes. These salads are made to fulfill appetites in delicious and promote good health.

These salads feature fresh mixed greens, herbs, and vegetables to provide the most refreshing taste possible. These salads are then finished with flavored vinaigrette or balsamic glaze.


Dilettante Mocha Café Hot and Cold Sandwiches

For something more substantial, customers can choose to enjoy hot and cold sandwiches, and each is served with a side of house-made pasta salad. These sandwiches also come in many varieties, from a traditional French Dip sandwich with a side of au jus to a Reuban sandwich filled with turkey pastrami.

Each sandwich can be made on a French baguette, sourdough, marble rye, or a croissant. A gluten-free bread option is also available for a small extra charge, along with other additions such as cheese, avocado, or protein.

Afternoon Plates

Charcuterie platter with meat and cheese

Finally, Dilettante serves its selection of afternoon plates from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. These include a charcuterie platter, Pear & Goat Cheese Tartine, and warm rosemary cashews with a hand dipped truffle and caramel. Enjoy or share these rich flavors before the café closes at 6:00 p.m.

Visit Plaza Center

Alongside these food options, Dilettante’s expansive coffee and drink menu have something to appeal to every palette. Please view the full Plaza Center Menu and check Plaza Center’s Official Facebook Page for the opening date for Dilettante's newest Mocha Café location.

View Plaza Center's Café Menu

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