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Easy Ways to Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth

Does Coffee Stain Teeth?

For many people living in the Pacific Northwest, drinking a cup of coffee is a daily morning ritual. The floral and chocolatey flavor can help a person wake up in the morning and stay focused throughout the day. Although there are clear benefits to drinking coffee, the drawbacks are also worth keeping in mind.

Coffee contains antioxidants called tannins. These are important nutrients which help support the body’s immune system and fight off diseases. Unfortunately, these same antioxidants are the reason why coffee stains teeth. Tannins allow for sugars and carbohydrates to stick to teeth easier, which can lead to a discolored yellow appearance.

Thankfully, coffee stains are not permanent, and are easy to remove. For those concerns with the look at their teeth, there are several ways to keep teeth looking good while drinking coffee every day.

Drink Water

One of the best ways to prevent teeth staining is to drink plenty of water. Water has a wealth of health benefits, including keeping teeth clean. By consistently drinking water throughout the day, food and sugar particles are washed away and can’t build up. By rinsing the mouth, the tannins are unable to attract enough particles to stain teeth.

Apart from making teeth clean, drinking water throughout the day is a healthy habit. Water is responsible for most bodily functions, and drinking water will ensure the body continues running smoothly.

Brush Teeth Frequently

Brushing teeth is the primary way people are able to keep their teeth clean. Dentists recommend brushing in the morning and evening to stop plaque, food, and bacteria from building up.

Those who are more concerned about their teeth staining can brush their teeth after drinking their coffee. The brush will clear the surface of the teeth, and scrub away the teeth-staining tannins. After drinking, wait at least thirty minutes before brushing. Enamel takes time to re-harden and brushing too soon can cause damage.

After drinking, wait at least thirty minutes before brushing. Enamel takes time to re-harden and brushing too soon can cause damage.

Visit a Dentist Every Six Months

Teeth staining may look unappealing, but these stains are largely cosmetic. A dentist can remove staining from teeth quickly and easily using a dental scaler. If drinking water and brushing aren’t able to remedy stained teeth, a scheduled teeth cleaning can be effective.

Scheduling cleanings with a dentist can also be helpful to pinpoint any other oral health concerns. There are many reasons for teeth discoloration, and coffee staining is only one of them. To keep teeth healthy, checking up with a dentist is essential.

Enjoy Gum and Mints

Chewing gum and taking mints can both keep teeth clean. Both mints and gum cause the mouth to create more saliva, which is especially important since coffee can leave the mouth feeling dry. Chewing gum also gathers food particles in hard-to-reach places in the mouth. By keeping a tin of mints or a pack of gum on hand, teeth staining will happen less frequently.

Drink Coffee Using a Straw

Using a straw may not be a perfect solution to the coffee staining problem, but it can be effective. By drinking through a straw, the tannins in the coffee will miss the front of the teeth and instead, stain the back of the teeth.

This will make coffee staining less noticeable and is a good option for frequent coffee drinkers. In combination with practicing good oral hygiene, teeth can remain white and unstained. Follow these pieces of advice and come enjoy a cup of coffee at the Dilettante Mocha Café.

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