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A New Confection is Coming to the Mocha Café

Enjoy Chocolate Marshmallows at The Mocha Café

Behind the scenes of the Dilettante Mocha Café, chocolatiers work hard to provide delicious treats to supplement the coffee and pastries. Visitors who have enjoyed a chocolate truffle, toffee, or caramel piece are already familiar with their work. As the Mocha Café continues into 2022, these chocolatiers will make new, delicious reasons to stop by.

Coming soon to each Mocha Café is the first new confection of 2022, Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows. These large, square marshmallows are flavored and covered in couverture-quality semisweet chocolate. These confections depart from the traditional campfire marshmallow and take on a more elegant appearance and taste.

Customers have two Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow flavors to choose from. Vanilla Bean Marshmallows are topped with dark chocolate stripes and are perfect for those who enjoy traditional desserts. Each fluffy marshmallow center has added vanilla bean flavoring to complement its dark chocolate shell.

Alternatively, Triple Chocolate Marshmallows have white stripes and a distinctive brown marshmallow inside. These marshmallows use cocoa powder with semisweet and white chocolate to create a rich and indulgent flavor to satisfy any chocolate lover.

These marshmallows will be available in each Mocha Café in the upcoming weeks. Chocolate marshmallows can be purchased individually or in a 3-piece gift bag. These marshmallows are much larger than Dilettante’s other confections, making them a great choice to share.

Stop by any of Dilettante’s Mocha Café locations to enjoy Dilettante’s newest addition. Our team is looking forward to hearing feedback and is already making plans for more confections in 2022. Visit any Mocha Café location and experience everything Dilettante can offer.

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