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How Dilettante Makes its Mochas

How Dilettante Creates its Mocha Drinks

As the name suggests, the Dilettante Mocha Café is famous for its rich mocha drinks. Dilettante has emphasized its high-quality chocolate since the opening of its first Mocha Café location in Seattle. The Dilettante Mocha Café seeks to bring together rich coffee with its iconic chocolate.

The Dilettante Mocha begins with the customer. At the heart of each Mocha Café is the chocolate scale. This scale shows four different chocolate varieties, each with an associated cacao percentage. Guests can pick between these cacao percentages to create their personal mocha flavor.

At the Dilettante Mocha Café, enjoy an Extra-Dark, Dark, Ephemere, or White Mocha. Dilettante makes each elegant chocolate blend using decades of chocolate-making knowledge.

After choosing a chocolate value, the Dilettante Mocha Café team gets to work. First, baristas melt the selected chocolate blend in pots behind the counter. This freshly melted chocolate is the secret to creating a distinctive flavor and aroma in each mocha drink.

While the chocolate melts, Dilettante prepares its medium dark roast coffee simultaneously. This blend is made in-house and specifically tailored to accentuate Dilettante's chocolate to create the smoothest mocha imaginable.

On its own, Dilettante's coffee creates a rich espresso drink with a light-golden crema. The inclusion of sweet chocolate creates a beautiful juxtaposition to bitter coffee notes. Each variety on the chocolate scale creates a unique mocha flavor, from subtle white chocolate to rich dark chocolate.

Although Dilettante's Cafés are named after its signature mocha drinks, some may prefer a pure chocolate taste. Dilettante's hot chocolate provides a caffeine-free alternative to enjoy Dilettante's chocolate.

Enjoy these flavors alongside others such as Mocha Mexicanos and Caramel Mochas at any Dilettante Mocha Café location. Dilettante crafts each of its mocha drinks with quality ingredients and the highest standards.

Visit any of Dilettante's four Mocha Café locations to try our renowned chocolate-coffee flavor. Select a preferred chocolate blend and experience an unforgettable mocha experience.

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