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What is the Chocolate Scale?

Customize a Mocha With the Chocolate Scale

As the name suggests, Dilettante Mocha Cafés are renowned for their Mocha drinks. Unfortunately, in most coffee shops, mochas come in only one or two flavors. Dilettante can appeal to every palette by allowing customers to choose their own favorite chocolate flavor.

The amount of cacao included in each blend of chocolate changes the color and taste of the finished product. Dilettante’s chocolate scale is helpful because it presents different chocolate blends and shows the associated cacao percentage.

Visitors may not know the difference in taste each of these chocolate blends can make at first, but each has a distinct chocolate flavor. The chocolate scale is a helpful tool to personalize mocha drinks, appealing to a favorite chocolate taste.

Dilettante’s Xtra Dark Mochas are made with 72% cacao and are the darkest and richest of all the chocolate blends. This mocha draws out the bitter notes of the coffee. Instead of contrasting against the espresso flavor, Xtra Dark Chocolate compliments it with a smooth, rich, and subtly sweet flavor.

Dark chocolate is the second-darkest blend. Made with 62% cacao, Dark Mochas present a familiar dark chocolate flavor. Dilettante’s dark chocolate balances sweetness with savory and slightly fruity flavor notes.

Made with 52% cacao, Dilettante presents its Ephemere flavor. This proprietary blend of chocolate is made using a proprietary method of uniting caramelized butter and cream to present a velvety taste and a smooth texture.

Finally, White Chocolate Mochas are made with 31% cacao for the sweetest mocha flavor of the four. A large amount of cocoa butter included in this blend gives white chocolate its iconic pale color. This mocha flavor is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet contrast to a traditional coffee flavor.

Since 1976, Dilettante studied coffee and chocolate carefully. The Dilettante Mocha Café lives up to its namesake by creating decadent chocolate blends and pairing them with Dilettante's own roasted coffee blend.

Visit a mocha café location to experience the perfect pairing of luscious chocolate with coffee. Choose a blend from the chocolate scale for a personalized mocha experience.

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