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Join the Mocha Café Club This Fall

What is the Dilettante Mocha Café Club?

Fall is approaching, and warm mocha and coffee drinks are becoming more appealing. Those who enjoy coffee may find themselves buying dozens of drinks throughout the season. This Fall, visitors to the Dilettante Mocha Café can join The Café Club to start earning free drinks.

Signing up for the Café Club is free and easy.  Speak with any mocha café barista to get signed up. Customers with an account can receive a free drink after ten purchases. The free drink can be any drink the Mocha Café serves. Between mochas, coffee, teas, frappes, or other beverages, there is something everyone can enjoy.

This fall season, visitors can stay cozy with Dilettante's signature hot chocolate and mocha drinks. These drinks are customized with five different blends of chocolate, including a spiced Mexicano option. These chocolate blends give customers room to branch out to different flavors to find a favorite and earn free drinks along the way.

Dilettante's Mocha Cafés are located in Kent, Bellevue, and Sea-Tac International Airport. Joining the Mocha Café will start earning customers points to use at any of these three locations. Join the Mocha Café Club and stop by any mocha cafés to enjoy delicious drinks all season long.

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