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What is Ephemere?

What is Ephemere?

Derived from the word ephemeral, Ephemere chocolate provides a brief and other-worldly flavor. Ephemere chocolate uses a proprietary cooking method to unite caramel, sugar, and cream to create a velvety smooth consistency. While much has changed in Dilettante’s 45-year-long history, the Ephemere flavor has remained Dilettante’s signature chocolate flavor.

While other chocolate companies rely on oils and hydrogenated fats, Ephemere is made from natural ingredients. In each bite, taste a wholesome flavor from cane sugar, vanilla beans, and pure cocoa butter.

Experience Ephemere at the Mocha Café

The chances are that anyone who has visited the Dilettante Mocha Café has already seen or tried the Ephemere flavor. This unique dark chocolate flavor makes its way into chocolate truffle assortments and a variety of mocha and frappe drinks. But, no matter how it is enjoyed, the award-winning Ephemere flavor is sure to make an impression.

Coffee-lovers can especially appreciate Ephemere Chocolate Mochas. Numbered 52 on the Chocolate Scale, Ephemere is made with 52% cacao solids for a delightfully rich dark chocolate taste. At the Dilettante Mocha Café, the signature Ephemere Mocha is always a safe choice.

9-Piece Ephemere Truffles
9-Piece Ephemere Truffles

For those interested in sweeter chocolate tastes, Ephemere truffles are also available in a milk chocolate variety. Using the same formula and cooking methods, Dilettante’s light Ephemere truffle is a delight for any milk chocolate lover. Both the dark and light versions of Ephemere can be experienced in Dilettante’s Ephemere Truffle Gift Box.

Enjoy Ephemere truffles, TruffleCremes, mochas, and more at the Dilettante Mocha Café. Visit any of the café locations below and experience the crown jewel of Dilettante Chocolates.

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