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10 Reasons to Visit a Local Coffee Shop

Enjoy Fresh Coffee at a Local Café

Coffee is easier to find now more than ever. Workplaces, hotel lobbies, and households are convenient places to enjoy coffee, but many still choose to get their fix from a local café.

A local café has a distinct atmosphere and appeal for coffee drinkers. However, visiting a café can offer much more than just a favorite drink. For those curious about the appeal of a local coffee shop, here are ten reasons to visit one.

1. Prepare for the Day

Cafés open early and are the perfect places to stop by before a busy day. The caffeine in coffee helps people wake up and stay focused for hours and can be supported by breakfast foods and sandwiches selections. A quiet café environment is also an excellent way to ease the daily hustle and bustle.

By visiting a café as a part of a morning routine, waking up the morning becomes easier. Taking the time to sit down and enjoy a favorite beverage and pastry can help set the tone for the rest of the day.

Bagel & Lox from Dilettante's Bellefield Café
Bagel & Lox From the Dilettante Mocha Café

2. Feel Relaxed

Music and the quiet hum of the coffee-making machinery can be trance-like and soothing. Even when local coffee shops are busy, the café atmosphere significantly departs from other public spaces. The café atmosphere strikes a balance between welcoming customers while respecting their privacy.

Cafés are places where a person can sit down for an hour to relax and enjoy the day by themselves or with friends. Even if someone isn’t interested in the food or drinks, many choose to visit a local café for the peaceful environment alone.

3. Get Work Done

Outlets, free WIFI, and quiet setting make cafés perfect places to do computer work. For those without quiet home offices, coffee shops can be one of the best environments to get work done.

From office work to creative passion projects, people frequently will come to coffee shops by themselves to make meaningful progress. Since cafés are public spaces, many will work with more accountability than they would if they were sitting at home. Getting a new change in scenery can also help boost productivity.

4. Enjoy Beautiful Scenery

Different cafés have different aesthetics, but finding a visually-pleasing place to enjoy morning coffee can pay dividends. The ideal café location should have a cozy and well-lit environment with the option to peer what happens outside.

Some cafés even have views of nature. The Bellefield Mocha Café, for instance, is nestled beside the Mercer Slough waterscape. The café emphasizes its views with plenty of outdoor seating and large windows. Enjoying the outdoors is another great way to alleviate stress and another great reason to visit a local café

Beautiful Nature Scenery from Dilettante's Bellefield Café
Nature Scenery From the Bellefield Mocha Café

5. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is about being mindful of personal needs and acting to fulfill those needs. Making choices with food, sleep, or taking personal time are all examples of practicing self-care.

Cafés are great environments to decompress and destress. Friendly baristas, soothing drinks, nutritious food, and a relaxed atmosphere all contribute to helping improve mental and physical health.

6. Experience a New Taste

One of the best parts about a café is the variety on offer. Between different drinks, kinds of milk, syrups, and espresso shots, a person could visit the same café for a year and get something they have never tried before every day.

Drinks, baked goods, and food frequently rotate, changing depending on the season. The start of a new season can even feel more exciting and gives customers a reason to come back to see what is new.

New Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows from the Dilettante Mocha Café
New Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows

7. Appreciate a Positive Atmosphere

All cafés strive for excellent customer service. Baristas work to keep the space clean and make an effort to welcome and accommodate everyone. This effort sets a tone for the café and helps brighten visitors’ days.

Local coffee shops also benefit from staff who aren’t measured by corporate chains. Baristas at local cafés are generally more relaxed and patiently answer customer questions.

8. Meet With Friends

Easygoing music and spacious tables make local cafés great places to catch up with friends. Large groups of people can order their favorite drinks and sit together for hours. Café seating may vary depending on location, but almost every café can seat 3-8 people.

A local café is also a great place to meet colleagues for business. A café is suited for computer work and provides space to communicate face-to-face on any important school or business project.

9. Taste Consistent Quality Coffee

Prices at a local café may seem higher than other commercial cafés, but this price is matched with surplus quality. Commercial coffee is produced for the masses and cut costs wherever possible, while local coffee shops desire specialty coffee.

There are many places a person can get a coffee, but very few can match the consistency and quality of a local coffee shop. The time and effort put into roasting, brewing, and serving a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop leads to a superior result.

Barista Pouring Milk into Coffee
Barista Pouring Milk Into a Coffee Drink

10. Become a Part of a Community

Local coffee shops are built around a community feel. By visiting a local café, a person supports their local community and enables local coffeemakers to keep improving their craft. Independent businesses bring flavor to communities, and investing in them is worth it.

The Dilettante Mocha Café first opened its doors in 1976 in Seattle, Washington, and continued to serve the area due to the support of the local community. Dilettante’s Kent, Bellevue, and Sea-Tac cafés provide guests with a unique and memorable local café experience. Stop by and enjoy a favorite drink alongside fresh foods, pastries, and chocolates.

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