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Why Cafés Serve Baked Goods

Why Do Cafés Serve Baked Goods?

Cafés are a unique experience with different atmospheres than restaurants or casual dining. A local café provides a convenient meeting place for friends, a productive workspace, or a way to relax. The café is also uniquely positioned to serve quality coffee and pastries.

Scones, sweet bread, biscotti, cakes, and muffins are all served at a café, yet most people prefer to enjoy coffee exclusively. Some may wonder why cafés serve baked goods, especially considering how difficult they are to make fresh year-round.

Thankfully, for those who enjoy eating at cafes, there are many reasons why cafés won’t be getting rid of their pastries any time soon. Here are five reasons why cafés serve baked goods and will continue to do so.

1. Compatibility with Coffee

One of the best reasons pastries are served alongside coffee is their delicious flavor compatibility. Coffee provides an earthy, rich flavor, perfectly counterbalanced with sweet and buttery baked goods. 

Coffee is relatively acidic, and drinking it on an empty stomach is taxing on the digestive system, causing indigestion and other problems. Pastries provide a solid base for a person’s stomach, allowing the coffee to go down easier.

Red Velvet Cupcake
Dilettante's Red Velvet Cupcake

2. Helps Support the Café

Maintaining a high standard for a café can be a complicated process. The quality of the food and drinks needs to be improved constantly with new menu items and beverages. Even after these costs, the café must provide plenty of space, lighting, and internet to allow people to stay for hours.

Overall, it would be difficult for any café to survive on coffee alone. However, serving pastries can help alleviate the costs of running a business, especially if made in-house. The bakery items are essential for local coffee shops to keep the lights on.

3. Provides a More Fulfilling Experience

Having something to eat with a drink provides a better dining experience. For example, instead of taking the coffee to go, sitting down and eating a pastry can turn a visit to a café into a pleasant treat.

Due to the caffeine in coffee, people enjoy stopping by a café in the morning or early afternoon. Baked goods can help fill the gaps between meals to maintain energy throughout the day.

Zucchini Bread Loaf
Slice of Dilettante's Zucchini Bread Loaf

4. Keeps People Coming Back

Pastries and coffee are both provide room for delicious creativity. Coffee makers and bakers both need to be versatile and have a wealth of knowledge regarding flavor profiles. The flexibility of pastries makes them a great choice to use with a rotating menu of items.

Pastries make the café menu dynamic and give plenty of reasons for visitors to stop by again. A seasonal menu also enables bakers to experiment with making the best confections possible.

5. Leaves an Impression

People who visit a café tend to have a few favorite items they enjoy ordering. People may stop by a café only because it has a particular muffin. When made correctly, pastries can leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Those who enjoy visiting a local café should consider trying the pastry selections. Not only do they help the café, but it could also quickly become the new reason to stop by.

Baker Creating a Raspberry Cake
Dilettante Baker Creating a Raspberry Cake

Dilettante’s Mocha Café Bakery Team

Since the first opening in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood in 1976, Dilettante emphasized coffee, chocolates, and baked goods. Over the years, talented bakers have come and gone, and recipes have improved with each one. Today, Dilettante continues to serve the Seattle area with fresh pastries handmade from gifted bakers.

Stop by a Dilettante Mocha Café and enjoy a variety of tastes. Dilettante has new refreshing and light pastries to enjoy during the springtime. Visit to enjoy a Lemon Sour Cream Loaf or a Lemon Streusel Muffin alongside a favorite drink.

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