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About Us

Inspired by a long family tradition of candy and pastry making dating back to 1898, Dana Davenport founded Dilettante in 1976 in the vibrant Capitol Hill district of Seattle, Washington. From our humble roots as a neighborhood chocolate and coffee shop, Dilettante Mocha Café has blossomed into something much more. Featuring a full line of gourmet chocolates, confections, pastries, and artisan coffee, our craft continues to be celebrated and shared.

Dilettante's Debut: Seattle 1976

In the year 1976, the original Dilettante location opened in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Then named, The Dilettante, the store served coffee, chocolates, and pastries and served as Seattle’s first mocha experience.

It was then that Dana perfected Dilettante’s signature flavor: Ephemere. Derived from the word Ephemeral, meaning a brief and fleeting experience, Ephemere brought together caramelized butter, sugar, and cream for a velvety smooth taste. The Ephemere began as a chocolate sauce to create mochas, and the flavor soon became Dilettante's signature chocolate truffle.

In 2003, Dilettante created the first of its Mocha Cafés in the heart of downtown Seattle. The creation of Hapsburg Viennese Medium Dark Roast coffee blend allowed the Mocha Café’s coffee to perfectly pair with its chocolate.

Today, Dilettante is proud to continue sharing its craft with four Mocha Café locations and a skilled team of baristas, pastry chefs, and confectioners.