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Kent Station Awarded Best Café of 2021

The Best Café of 2021

The Kent Reporter awarded the Dilettante Mocha Café as the best coffee shop of 2021. While the last year has provided added challenges, Dilettante has always been proud to provide a quality experience to the Kent area. At this time, we would like to thank everyone who has visited and supported us.

For years, the Mocha Café has been focused to give the Kent community a memorable experience. With the help of customers, the café has improved its coffee, pastries, and chocolates. The atmosphere has also changed, with decorations for the holidays, and adjustments to help provide Kent Station with a cozy and welcoming environment.

Throughout ingredient shortages and new vaccination requirements, the Kent area has continued to support our café. Everyone at Dilettante, including the staff, baristas, bakers, and chocolatiers, we would like to thank you for helping us continue doing what we love.

The plaque award from the Kent Reporter is now displayed in the café. While there are many other coffee shops and café in Kent, we are grateful to have been voted the best in the 2021 reader poll.

Those interested in visiting the Kent Station Mocha Café can do so throughout the rest of 2021 and into the new year. The café located on 514 Ramsay Way is conveniently positioned next to a cozy fire pit to eat outdoors, even through the chilly winter months.

For more information including directions, online ordering, and a full menu, visit the Kent Station Mocha café page.

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