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Is a Mocha Drink Chocolate or Coffee?

Is a Mocha Considered Chocolate or Coffee?

At the center of each Dilettante Café is the iconic Mocha Drink. This unique drink is loved by many and provides perfect harmony between bitter and sweet. Though the beverage is well established in the café setting, some may wonder if mochas could be considered coffee at all.

Mochas are made similarly to a latte. The mocha consists of one shot of espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate. This chocolate can be melted down from wafers or chips, added with chocolate sauce, or blended in the drink with cocoa powder.

The flavor profiles begin to come together as the chocolate combines with the espresso. Chocolate and coffee are both traced back to beans, and the similar roots give the two similar flavors. The full-bodied flavor of a mocha comes from the roots of the cocoa and espresso beans.

The similarities don’t end there. The chocolate itself is caffeinated, with roughly a quarter of caffeine per ounce as coffee. The amount of caffeine is a big reason why mochas taste heavier than lattes, as both the chocolate and coffee work in tandem to provide an energetic kick.

The similarities may make it seem that a mocha has more chocolate than it does. A mocha may taste much sweeter than a drip coffee but provides similar benefits. For the most part, mochas are made with a higher amount of coffee than chocolate and can be considered coffee.

To experience the taste of a quality mocha for yourself, our staff invites you to stop by at the Dilettante Mocha Café. At the center of each café is a chocolate scale, allowing customers to choose from four different chocolate blends.

From rich dark chocolate to creamy white chocolate, everyone has a flavor. Visit a Mocha Café location and experience the aroma, taste, and feeling a quality mocha can bring.

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