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How Much Should I Tip a Barista?

How to Tip at a Café

Like restaurants, bars, and delivery services, cafés depend on the gratuity of their visitors. The tipping process may be simple for those who frequently visit a local café, but others may feel pressure when faced with the payment process screen. 

Giving a dollar or two is a welcome courtesy, but customers shouldn’t worry about tipping every time they visit. According to Dilettante Mocha Café Baristas, customers can sometimes overthink the tipping process. Visitors can tip however much or little they feel comfortable with, and even not paying a tip at all is perfectly acceptable.

Why Tip Baristas

Even though tipping is optional, there are good reasons to do it. Baristas work on their feet for eight hours a day and dedicate themselves to learning the intricacies of coffeemaking to make drinks the best they can.

Unlike other jobs, a barista’s salary is made with tips in mind. Whether or not customers tip can make an impact on their livelihood. This motivates servers to provide exceptional and friendly service and can help to improve the café experience.

How Much to Tip?

At a café, the tip amount should account for the services being provided. As a general rule of thumb, it is socially acceptable to tip 10-20%. For example, a 10% tip is great when a customer simply picks up an order or pours a black coffee. A 20% tip should be reserved for excellent service when a barista makes a strong impression on the customer.

These two numbers serve as good benchmarks on the low and high ends of tipping. Of course, a person can tip lower or higher based on their digression, but a 15% tip is the perfect middle ground for those who want to show their generosity.

Stop by the Dilettante Mocha Café and enjoy quality service from a talented barista team. Our staff maintains a high-quality standard, crafting delicious drinks and food to enjoy throughout the day.

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