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Dilettante Mocha Café Drink Menu

Find a Favorite Drink at the Mocha Café

There are many reasons why someone would want to visit a café, but most visit for one reason. Cafés are traditionally known for specialty handcrafted drinks, and the Dilettante Mocha Café is no exception.

The mocha café emphasizes its chocolate and coffee roots and works hard to craft other, more traditional café favorites such as lattes, frappes, and teas.


The namesake of the Dilettante Mocha Café also serves as its centerpiece. At the heart of each café, Dilettante allows customers to customize their mocha drink by choosing a preferred flavor from the chocolate scale.

This scale shows four different chocolate blends and their associated cacao percentages. This number refers to the number of bean parts are included in the chocolate. Generally, the higher the cacao percentage is, the darker and richer the chocolate.

While Dilettante’s 72% bittersweet chocolate will provide a full-bodied and rich dark chocolate flavor, the 31% white chocolate is much lighter and creamier. No matter which kind of chocolate drink a person prefers, there is a mocha flavor for everyone at the Dilettante Café.

Hot Chocolate

While Dilettante is known for its mochas, hot chocolate drinks can also be customized using the chocolate scale. Visitors can choose from white, milk, dark, or extra-dark chocolate blends for a customized hot chocolate experience.

Washington State is known for its rainy weather, and hot chocolate is a perfect way to warm up during cool winter months. During the holidays, hot chocolates make for a festive treat that helps curb a sweet tooth.

Dilettante’s Mexicano Hot Chocolate gives a spicy kick to a traditional hot chocolate taste.

Espresso & Coffee

Those looking to enjoy a traditional latte or coffee are in pleasant surprise. The Dilettante Mocha Café serves fresh and cold brew coffee alongside lattes and caramel lattes. Enjoy one in the morning to feel energized throughout the day.

Coffee drinks are made with care and attention from Dilettante’s baristas. In each cup, enjoy the rich and robust taste of Dilettante’s Hapsburg House Blend coffee.

Each of these drinks can be customized with an extra shot of chocolate, caramel, or espresso shots and several milk substitutions. Alternatively, signature espresso shots are served demitasse to provide a pleasant Espresso, Mocha, or Turkish Coffee kick. 


Tea is known for its health benefits and relaxing qualities. Stay and enjoy a cozy café atmosphere with whole leaf, herbal, iced, and chai teas. These options are all great ways to help improve focus throughout the day while avoiding coffee jitters.

Ice Blended Frappes

Derived from the French word meaning iced, a frappé is a unique coffee drink and a favorite for many coffee drinkers. Blended with ice and paired with complementary flavors, those looking for an iced treat have a diversity of drinks to enjoy.

Italian Sodas

Italian sodas are bright in appearance and taste and make for a sweet treat. Enjoy a classic Italian Soda or include Red Bull or Bawls in Dilettante’s Energy Italian Soda.

Visit any Dilettante Mocha Café page to read the full list of offerings at Kent Station, Sea-Tac Airport, Bellefield Office Park, and Bellevue's Plaza Center.

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