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Dilettante Chocolates is a local Washington gourmet food company specializing in crafting perfect chocolate and espresso products. Alongside an online Ecommerce business, Dilettante hosts multiple Mocha Café locations. These cafes feature Washington’s finest gourmet food and drink selections, including hand-dipped truffles, house-made sandwiches, artisan pastries, and more.

Dilettante prides itself on its decades-long history of providing unforgettable experiences for guests, and that value extends to the kitchens and staff. After a new member joins the Dilettante team, they are treated like family. Each employee is provided training and continued support, allowing them to enjoy the process of growing. Dilettante values hospitality and inclusivity and strives to treat employees with respect and appreciation. Our staff will meet any scheduling needs and reward hard work and dedication.

Dilettante sets up its employees to thrive in each establishment and looks forward to expanding its teams. Dilettante continues to grow and provide excellent experiences for employees and guests due to the passion of our staff. Thanks to this support, Dilettante can continue creating and sharing its craft with those who appreciate quality confections.

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